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If you’re like me, Ready for Recovery is how you felt before the diagnosis was even delivered! Take a deep breath, a walk, a bath.  Scream, cry, punch a punching bag and then… GET READY FOR RECOVERY.

Those of us that have gone before are here to help you.  We’ve lived it, we’ve recovered and we want to make your treatment experience as stress-free as possible.


  • Give you a Road Map of What to Expect with Tips for Coping Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually
  • Provide ONE Place to Track Everything from Diagnosis & Pathology to Treatment Protocols, Medications, Side-Effects & More
  • Minimize Confusion & Frustration Keeping Key Information at Your Fingertips No Matter What Your State-of-Mind

Take a look at the planners >

It’s not possible to list every feature and benefit of the CANCER TREATMENT PLANNER here, trust when we tell you that:

Ready for Recovery’s Cancer Treatment Planners Make Communication Easy

Cancer Patients and Caregivers can be confident that:

  • Medications are Dispensed as Directed
  • Medical Appointments & Family Commitments are all Met
  • Everyone involved in Your Cancer Treatment & Recovery is Communicating Efficiently & Effectively

IF we had a magic wand, every surgeon or oncologist across the globe would be able to provide this tool for you upon diagnosis.

Ready for Recovery is the perfect gift for cancer patients

If you’re starting treatment or looking for meaningful gifts for cancer patients or caregivers, Ready for Recovery is that perfect gift you can give yourself, a friend or a loved one.

With Ready for Recovery™ You Will be Armed & Ready
– Everyday –
For Your Fight Against Cancer!

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We are also proud to feature a list of more great gift ideas for cancer patients here.


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