An Essential Tool for

Anyone Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

A Cancer Diagnosis is Scary.
Being Organized is Essential!

Created by Survivors for Survivors, Gifts for Cancer Patients

Your Cancer Treatment Planner
Will Help You Navigate, Manage & Organize
– Every Step of the Way


“My planner gave me a sense of control and the peace of mind Penny: gift for cancer patient survivorRandyI needed to keep my life together.”
– Penny Bristol, Lymphoma

“It was such a relief to find a tool already designed to help me manage & organize my treatment.”
– Randy Carmichael, Bladder Cancer

The Ready for Recovery Cancer Treatment Planner
Supports from Diagnosis through Survivorship

Medical . Physical . Emotional . Social

•  A Road Map of What to Expect & How to Prepare for Cancer Treatment & Recovery

doctors gifts for cancer patients

Julie’s surgeon, Dr Richard Fox of Alpine Surgical, helps patients heal with the Cancer Treatment Planner

•  An Easy-to-Use System that will Alleviate Confusion & Frustration

•  One Place to Organize All of Your Treatment Information

•  Specific Sections for Tracking Everything from Diagnosis
& Pathology to Questions & Notes

•  Charts, Logs & Note Pages for Recording Reactions & Side
Effects from Treatment

•  Easily Communicate & Coordinate with Your Caretakers
& Medical Team

•  Tips for Coping Medically, Physically, Emotionally & Socially

A Personal
Note from

Julie Grimm

During my battle with breast cancer, I was desperate for a system to help me “keep it together”. I created a planner for myself and it became a LIFE SAVER. It became my BEST FRIEND. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to create the perfect gift for cancer patients – a reliable tool to help ease the journey for all of those that will follow, a MEANINGFUL GIFT that will last a life time. Your feedback is always welcome.


The Perfect Gifts for Cancer Patients

Supporting Any Type of Cancer in Men & Women | English & Spanish

The Bust Gift Set

2-Piece Breast Cancer Gift Set

This comforting 2-piece set provides you or a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer a supportive & organized path to recovery.


3-Piece Breast Cancer Gift Set

With a 3-Ring Binder for stay at home paperwork, this 3-piece set will prepare & empower you while going through treatment.


The Big BUSTY Gift Set

5-Piece Breast Cancer Gift Set

Our best selling gift set will support you and your caregivers – Every step of the way!


2-Piece Any Type Gift Set

This nurturing 2-piece set provides you or loved one diagnosed with cancer a supportive & organized path to recovery.


3-Piece Any Type Gift Set

With the 3-Ring Binder for stay at home paperwork, this 3-piece set will prepare & empower you while going through treatment.


5-Piece Any Type Gift Set

Our best selling gift set will support you and your caregivers – Every step of the way!



Ready for Recovery

“After just one appointment with the oncologist, I knew this planner was going to be my constant companion!”

– Desa Dugas, Invasive Breast Cancer Survivor

“We hear over and over again that the planner was a Godsend and has given patients a feeling of control.”

– Lisa Herchek, Healthnetwork Foundation

“This is such an amazingly original and purposeful idea for a business. It gave me a tool and a focus to help me during the fight of my life and will be invaluable to so many others.”

– Randy Carmichael, Liver Cancer Survivor

“Our patients are so excited by the encouraging words and the organization the planner offers!”

– Holli, Boulder Plastic Surgery

“It’s amazing to think that someone took their own struggle and combined it with cleverness and inspiration to benefit others. Your planner was an absolute Godsend!!”

-Laura Bacak, Breast Cancer Survivor

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