The Perfect Gift for
Anyone Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

“I couldn’t have managed without my planner. It gave me the emotional support and peace of mind I needed.”
– Penny Bristol, Lymphoma Survivor


A cancer diagnosis is scary.

Being organized is essential.

Created by survivors for survivors.


      Our Cancer Gifts Offer:

  •     A Road Map of What to Expect & How to Prepare
  •     Tips for Coping Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually
  •    An Easy System to Minimize Confusion & Frustration
  •     ONE Place to Keep ALL of Your Key Information

Ready for Recovery

A Personal
Note from
Julie Grimm

If you’re like me, Ready for Recovery is how you felt before the diagnosis was even delivered! Take a deep breath, a walk, a bath.  Scream, cry, punch a punching bag and then… GET READY FOR RECOVERY. Those of us that have gone before are here to help you.  We’ve lived it, we’ve recovered and we want to make your treatment experience as stress-free as possible.


Featured Gifts for Cancer Patients


The Bust Gift Set

You Can Do It! 2-Piece Gift Set

This beautiful 2-piece set provides loved ones diagnosed with breast cancer a supportive and organized path to recovery.


Be Ready Gift Set

Be Ready, 2-Piece Gift Set

This essential 2-piece set is perfect to help a loved ones diagnosed with any type of cancer feel prepared during treatment and recovery.


The Big BUSTY Gift Set

The Breast Choice, 5-Piece Gift Set

This is our best selling gift set with everything you or a loved one needs to get through navigating cancer. Let us help you be Ready For Recovery.


“After just one appointment with the oncologist, I knew this planner was going to be my constant companion!”

– Desa Dugas, Invasive Breast Cancer Survivor

“We hear over and over again that the planner was a Godsend and has given patients a feeling of control.”

– Lisa Herchek, Healthnetwork Foundation

“This is such an amazingly original and purposeful idea for a business. It gave me a tool and a focus to help me during the fight of my life and will be invaluable to so many others.”

– Randy Carmichael, Liver Cancer Survivor

“Our patients are so excited by the encouraging words and the organization the planner offers!”

– Holli, Boulder Plastic Surgery

“It’s amazing to think that someone took their own struggle and combined it with cleverness and inspiration to benefit others. Your planner was an absolute Godsend!!”

-Laura Bacak, Breast Cancer Survivor

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